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The Armored Marketing Plan
The Armored Marketing Plan™ S/N BCJ888-00040
The Armored Marketing Plan™ S/N BCJ888-00040

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Name: The Armored Marketing Plan™
Pages: 254
Language: English
Version: Second Edition
Type: PDF eBook
First Edition Published: 02-08-2022
Second Edition Published: 03-07-2023
Price: € 22

Marketing in Action for Entrepreneur and Founder
Authors & Bloggers | Self-Publisher | Science and Technology

Say hello to the virtual world

Social media took over a tremendous amount of daily business and marketing concepts. Who wishes to launch and sell, cannot not do this with digital advertisement. Of course, there are industries and fields with exceptions, yet a website is considered a minimum.

Learn to define your purpose, mission, and vision! Including marketing tools and instruments explained to you in detail. Your detailed step by step guide for national and international strategy building.

Learn to define your purpose, mission, and vision! Including marketing tools and instruments explained in detail.

Who can profit from the business series?

The Business Series is perfect for authors and bloggers identifying as

~ online start-ups and founders who wish to launch
~ online sole proprietors who wish to launch or grow
~ Entrepreneurs with online services / products
~ someone who feels insecure or uncomfortable with their current strategy
~ someone who does not want to pay a fortune for a whole degree study

Gain self-confidence in your very own products!

The Armored Marketing Plan will support you in preparing you in the best way and in eliminating typical pitfalls. And here is how The Armored Marketing Plan™ will improve your business and products:

Receive an eBook, packed with information on marketing strategy building
Gain a healthy self-confidence about your offers after working through and with The Armored Marketing Plan
Level-up your know-how in marketing and brand management
Learn about efficient marketing instruments &tools, and how to make use of them
This eBook is for launching and for growth, hence for founder and for entrepreneur
The Armored Marketing Plan™ will support you to minimize possible pitfalls in new and foreign markets
Prepare yourself in marketing budgeting and controlling to be on the safe side
Have a lifetime access to this master plan
The Armored Marketing Plan™ you will explain how to optimize your representation in different markets
Receive a detailed step by step guide for your Linktree account
Receive a detailed step by step guide for your LinkedIn account
Receive a detailed step by step guide for your Instagram FOR FREE!

Marketing in Action for Entrepreneur &Founder!
Your detailed step by step guide for national &international strategy building

Launching Strategy
Social Media Management
National and International Markets

Learn to adapt SWOT, SMART, and more tools!
And create your perfect launching and growth strategy step by step.

Ready to launch and grow?

This eBook is not only for launching new products or services. It additionally is for growing into new markets successfully, by preparing yourself best possible. Many markets involve many different people, beliefs, and perceptions. To consider all factors, this eBook provides you with a step by step guide, so you don't miss out or forget about anything while doing the quite time-consuming preparation.

To top it:

The Armored Marketing Plan™ is providing you with real world case studies of well-known companies and hands-on examples, to make each content, tool, and instrument more feasible to you and to help you boost confidence in applying!

Learn to launch and grow your products and markets!
Learn to handle brand management from beginning on. What you get with The Armored Marketing Plan™:

⚘ Pay once, have lifetime access.

⚘ 15 chapters packed with revelations about international marketing secrets.

⚘ As a student of this eBook you will gain know-how on an academic level.

⚘ Receive a complete guideline for your Linktree from scratch.

⚘ Receive a complete guideline for your LinkedIn from scratch.

⚘ Receive the complete eBook Getting Started with Instagram Successfully© for FREE


Define your purpose

Define your mission and vision

Market Identification


Target Market

Your niche

Your marketing objectives

Launching strategy

Marketing mix for launching

Launching process

Marketing budget calculation

Launching controlling

International marketing tips

Welcome to Linktree

Getting started with a profile

Setting up your profile

Adding designs

How to make use of settings

Reading analytics

Good To Know

❀ Welcome to LinkedIn

❀ Creating Your Own Account

❀ Your Profile Settings

❀ Profile Visibility and Badge Builder

❀ Set Your Own URL

❀ Posts and Hashtag Research

❀ Direct Messages Settings

❀ Payment Version and Statistics

❀ Good To Know

❀ Conclusions LinkedIn

❀ The Complete Instagram Guide

The Armored Marketing Plan™ eBook is the Second Edition published and is designed for national and international marketing strategy, marketing mix, and marketing in action. No matter which state of your business you are currently in, start-up or growing business, this eBook is perfect for beginners and for advanced.

Ever wondered where to start? Where to get a reliable overview from? Then this eBook is perfect for you! Save valuable time because this eBook has it all in one and always at hand!
Besides The Armored Marketing Plan™, you will receive additional Social Media Management guides for Linktree and for LinkedIn in this eBook! Both are detailed and well explained with texts, pictures, and case studies.

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