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"So many books, so little time."
~Frank Zappa

Are you an author, blogger, and self-publisher

and are you looking for a Beta Reader or Copy Editor? Are you ready to prepare your manuscript for the public? Then this is your right place to be. We improve the book so readers want to finish reading a book. We want to accompany you to publish your book reliably by making it affordable for each author to hire their Beta Reader or Copy Editor. Find all the information on our services here.

Beta Reader

As your Beta Reader you will receive an honest and detailed feedback on your early drafts so you know what needs improvement. The focus is to read through your drafts to analyze if your content is believable, if your jokes are well received, if your ending is working out as wished, if your characters and dialogs are identifiable and meet your target groups.

This service includes a final read after all edit steps are done and your book would be ready to be published.

Copy Editor

As your Copy Editor you will receive detailed feedback on your language which includes punctuation, grammar, repetition, clarity, and you will receive feedback on sentence structure which includes straighten our possible tangled sentences. The language is also known for Line Editing. In our offer, Copy Editing includes both. You will receive feedback on if it is written correctly (copy editing) and if it is nice to read (line editing).

Understanding that while writing your ideas have to be keyed in first, structure and language are usually not of priority during this process. After writing it all down the author tends to overlook certain issues naturally.

Language options

All services are available in English and in German.

Let's talk about money

We offer the following two options: New clients pay 100% in advance and reoccuring clients are being offered an installment over 70% in advance and 30% after final draft work. All the work will run under written contract and NDA, to keep your work safe and our service reliable.

Get in touch

We prepare and send your individual, non-binding offer with all the details via email. Please leave us your details and we'll get back to you. 

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